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Meet the Fleet


Jack has been at the farm the
longest out of all our current horses. He is a veteran who has done many parades, weddings, and events. He never misses an opportunity to get treats. Jack is currently retired and enjoying life on the farm. He is turning into quite the stubborn old man.



Jesse is a major love bug. He loves getting scratched and giving hugs. Jesse has a big floppy bottom lip that never fails to put a smile on your face. Jesse and his half-brother Storm are the teammates that make up or current hitch.



Storm is Jesse’s half-brother. They are a week apart in age. The two of them have a brotherly bond and you can tell they are siblings. When it comes time to hitch Storm is strictly business and ready to work



Ike is the youngest and  the biggest horse on the farm. Despite his young age he gives everyone a run for their money. He is spunky and sweet. When he isn’t running and bucking through the fields, he is demanding scratches and love.

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